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How It Works

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    Select the company and location!
    Enter information of one or more target companies you wish to apply to and pick a location you want to find hiring professionals from.
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    Enter skills and any keywords you'd like to exclude. Want to filter your search based on specific skills that companies are hiring for? List them and any other keywords you would like to exclude in your search.
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    Save your search for later.
    Hit the 'Save Search' button if you want to revisit your query in the future. Give it any name you'd like to find them easily.
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    Get a targeted list of people who are hiring.
    You're almost done! Get the results to find a list of recruiters currently hiring for your target roles, message them on LinkedIn, and take your application forward!

Finding the right people to get hired is now easier than ever!

Let us make it clear to you -- this tool is exactly what you need to land your dream job!
  • Easy-to-use

    Build your network by finding the right people who can help you land a job. All with a few keywords and a single click. solo-entrepreneurs and hackers.
  • Filter your search

    Find anyone who is hiring for your desired company, location, and skills in less than a minute.
  • Get 100s of results

    Unlike the hassle of applying multiple filters on LinkedIn only to find only a few results, browse through 100s of profiles to find the right hiring professionals that can help you land your dream job.
  • Keywords-specific search

    Unlike other boolean searches available online, no need to remember how to write your query to land your desired results. A couple keywords is all you need to connect with the right people.
  • Expand your network

    Who you know on LinkedIn will no longer determine who you can find on LinkedIn. Careerflow | X-ray search lets you find ALL THE PEOPLE actively hiring for your target roles.
  • Save searches for later

    Want to check results for the same profile from time to time? Save your search with an appropriate name to land your desired results in no time in the future.

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Let us make it clear to you -- this tool is exactly what you need to land your dream job!